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Complete renovation of apartment in Frederiksberg

Søndre Fasanvej  project - after renovation

ACS Apartments completely renovated this apartment in Frederiksberg. Among other things we:

- Laid hard wood floor on the big terrace
- Renovated bathroom
- Replaced all electricity in the apartment
- Established new kitchen in the living room
- Putty and painted everywhere
- laid new parquet floor in the whole apartment
- Furnished the whole apartment
- +1000 other little things

Søndre Fasanvej project - During renovation

Our first decision was to remove all the floor in the apartment. It was old and uneven, with parquet floor in one room and plank floor in another. The kitchen was moved to the other end of the apartment. Where the kitchen once were we would build a cabinet wall for the new master bedroom. We also decided to expand the entrance with an open cabinet just when you entered the apartment.

Søndre Fasanvej project - before renovation

When we bought this apartment the idea was to create an extra bedroom by moving the kitchen into the livingroom. We decided to have the kitchen next to the balcony.  The floor in the apartment was very tired so we decided to lay new parquet floor in the entire apartment

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